Ubisoft provides update on Gods & Monsters development

By Jack Taylor – 13 June 2020

Ubisoft has given an update on Gods & Monsters following a recent leak and has confirmed its name has changed since its reveal last year.

Several days ago, a development build of Gods & Monsters - previously revealed at E3 2019 - was accidentally made available to play on Google Stadia for a short period of time, where it was accessed by a number of people who proceeded to post videos of the game online.

Following the leak, Ubisoft has confirmed that the demo in question was built for last year's E3 expo, and that the scope of the game - which will now be released under a different name - has changed considerable since then.

Ubisoft's statement is below in full, via Kotaku:

"Our vision for the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters has evolved in surprising ways, which is common when developing exciting new worlds. This footage is from our E3 2019 demo, which was shown to select press last June and is now over one year old. Much has changed since then in terms of features, tone, art and character design, and even the name of the game. We are hard at work and very excited to finally show players what we have created at the end of summer.

Gods & Monsters was previously announced at E3 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Since the event, Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will also make its way to PlayStation 5.

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