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Pokémon TCG: Porygon-Z-GX Box to launch in September

By Jack Taylor – 27 July 2019

A new Porygon-Z-GX Box will launch in September, featuring a promotional Porygon-Z-GX Pokémon card and booster packs.

Featuring a promotional Porygon-Z-GX card - originally released in Japan as a Pokémon Card Gym promo - the box includes standard-size and jumbo versions of the card, as well as four booster packs and a Pokémon Trading Card Game Online code card to redeem cards within the app.

The booster packs shown in the promotional image include two Sun & Moon: Unified Minds packs - the next expansion releasing this August - as well as a Sun & Moon: Lost Thunder pack and an XY: Evolutions pack.

The Porygon-Z-GX Box will be available from 20 September.

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