Pokémon TCG expansion Silver Tempest to release in November

By Jack Taylor – 25 August 2022

Silver Tempest, the twelfth main Pokémon TCG expansion of the Sword & Shield series, has been revealed and will be released in November.

Silver Tempest will feature Pokémon such as Alolan Vulpix, Lugia, Regidrago, and Regieleki among more than 190 cards within the set; the first three of those will feature as Pokémon VSTAR, while Regieleki will be included as the set's sole Pokémon VMAX.

Serperior, Unown, and Mawile will feature as the set's three remaining Pokémon VSTAR, while the shiny forms of Alakazam, Jirachi, and Tsareena can be found as Radiant Pokémon. Overall, the set will feature 15 Pokémon V, as well as another Trainer Gallery subset featuring 30 special Trainer-oriented Pokémon and Supporter cards.

Silver Tempest will be available in stores from 11 November 2022.