Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Switch Sports and network test announced

By Jack Taylor – 10 February 2022

Nintendo Switch Sports, the newest title in the Wii Sports series, has been announced and will be released on 29 April.

Revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch Sports marks the return of the Wii Sports series, which had its last new entry in 2013. The newest iteration includes six sports - Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, and Chambara (swordplay) - with local and online multiplayer modes available.

The physical version of the game will include a Leg Strap accessory for the Joy-Con, which will be supported in the Soccer Shoot-Out mode, as well as in other Soccer modes following a free update in the summer. The accessory will also be available separately. A further free update, in the autumn, will add Golf as a new sport.

Ahead of launch, a free Online Play Test will take place across the weekend of 18-20 February, allowing Nintendo Switch Online members to try out random matches in Bowling, Tennis, and Chambara. Registration for the test opens on 15 February.

Nintendo Switch Sports launches worldwide o 29 April.

Nintendo Switch Sports

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