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State of Play: Final Fantasy XVI to launch summer 2023, new trailer released

By Jack Taylor – 3 June 2022

Final Fantasy XVI will launch for PlayStation 5 in the summer of 2023, Square Enix has revealed, alongside a new trailer for the game.

Closing out last night's State of Play presentation was a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI. The trailer - titled Dominance - showcases plenty of gameplay, including summons that Final Fantasy fans will recognise, such as Ifrit.

Square Enix also confirmed some of the key talent working on the game, comprising a number of staff from the Final Fantasy XIV team as well as other key Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest names.

  • Producer - Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest X)
  • Main Director - Hiroshi Takai (Final Fantasy V, SaGa Frontier, The Last Remnant)
  • Creative Director, Original Screenplay - Kazutoyo Maehiro (Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XII)
  • Localization Director - Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI)
  • Art Director - Hiroshi Minagawa (Final Fantasy XIV Online, Final Fantasy XII)
  • Combat Director - Ryota Suzuki (Devil May Cry 5, Dragon's Dogma)
  • Character Design - Kazuya Takahashi (Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy X)
  • Composer - Masayoshi Soken (Final Fantasy XI)

Final Fantasy XVI launches for PlayStation 5 in the summer of 2023.

Final Fantasy XVI

Published by Square Enix
Developed by Square Enix