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Out Today: Chocobo GP now available for Nintendo Switch

By Jack Taylor – 10 March 2022

Chocobo GP, the new kart racer from Square Enix featuring characters from across the Final Fantasy universe, is out today.

Nintendo Switch owners can get their hands on Chocobo GP from today - the game is available for digital download on Nintendo eShop, and fans in Europe also have the option of picking up a retail copy. A free version called Chocobo GP Lite is also available for download, letting platers take part in local multiplayer and certain online modes as well.

The game features Story and Chocobo GP modes, the latter having 64-player bracket tournaments. Courses are themed on Final Fantasy characters and locations, while characters from the series also appear as playable racers.

Square Enix also shared the following information on the game's first online 'season':

The game's first Season is in full swing within Chocobo GP mode. By participating in this mode, players can raise their season level and earn various rewards. Additionally, players can use 800 mythril to purchase an optional Prize Pass (grants access to an additional set of season rewards) or 2,400 mythril to purchase an optional Premium Prize Pass (instantly grants players 60 levels worth of season rewards). For a limited-time, players can purchase a discounted 1,600 mythril pack for $7.99 through the Nintendo eShop.

All players will be treated to a celebratory login bonus of 800 mythril (equivalent to a Prize Pass), allowing them to obtain Final Fantasy VII's Cloud (available as a season level 60 Prize Pass reward), and earn Gil more quickly to exchange for Final Fantasy VIII's Squall from the in-game Gil Shop.

Chocobo GP is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Chocobo GP

Published by Square Enix
Developed by Square Enix