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Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium and 32-game lineup announced

By Jack Taylor – 10 June 2022

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium has been officially unveiled, with a 32-strong lineup of classic arcade games, including some rare titles.

Capcom has officially confirmed that the 32 games included in Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, alongside a release date of 22 July for the compilation, which will come to systems including Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The base download will be free and will include SonSon for all players, while the remaining 31 titles will be available to purchase in various bundles. Owners of Capcom Fighting Collection - which launches later this month - can also get Three Wonders for free before 30 September.

The full list of titles included is as follows:

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium

Published by Capcom
Developed by Capcom